The Songs of All We Made
















on a tuesday in the evening I

curled into the

mindless humming of some

colorful game show

going in and out of the

flashes of white-blue light

that signaled all around our



nights are just

lamplight and the

turning of the washing

machine climbing through

these walls


stuck on repeat i am

constantly hunting little treasures

dish rags


a pair of your old


just searching for



i thumb through

aged magazines adorned

with your coffee rings

i fold corners and

leave them open


the bed is never


i need that sense of



outside the grass

is so close to

hiding me from


and I am content

with fading back into the

songs of

all we made


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10 responses to “The Songs of All We Made

  1. Very emotive.
    Nicely done,
    Slowly melancholy
    Without spoiling the intimacy
    Through detail
    Or gild.


  2. “Melancholy”? Maybe I don’t know what that really means; this felt entirely comfortable…at home…at peace…the lullaby of the familiar singing your soul to rest. Nicely done!

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