Photographer: Amelia Fletcher (

Photographer: Amelia Fletcher (

I’ve been busy

digging around

for a part of me

I buried before


out in the backyard

behind the

only tree

like a duffel bag of

latex gloves and

bloodstained clothing



you found me

on a monday

poured over a

treasure map of

old photographs

marking a figurative ‘x’

on every familiar

face you asked

what I was looking

for I said the

breath in my

own lungs


you took me by

the elbow like

authority like

old love

you stood me

up raised a

finger to my

lips marked

an ‘x’ there I

closed my eyes

mouthed the words

where did you find it?



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9 responses to “marked

  1. Nicole Marie, this was breathtaking. The flow of the words forced me to set the pace, and the words… oh! They were dark, and sensual, and mysterious, and wonderful.

  2. This left me breathless! I love the flow and the construction and this line, “marking a figurative ‘x’ / on every familiar / face” really stayed with me.

  3. What a stellar depiction of an abusive, disempowering relationship. I applaud your courage in showing how this feels from the inside.
    I didn’t quite understand your choices of where to put the line breaks, though.

  4. Meg

    Wow. The images you put on paper are breathtaking. Jagged and tormented, yet nervy — she says “the breath in my own lungs.” I especially liked this bit: “like a duffel bag of / latex gloves and / bloodstained clothing / crucial.” “Crucial” is such a crucial word here! Man, it’s gonna be hard to judge entries tonight.

  5. “you asked/ what I was looking/ for I said the/ breath in my/ own lungs” tells so much about this relationship. The fact that she had to specify which lungs points all fingers at a greedy and ungiving “you”.

  6. B. J. Edmund

    May be am being too figurative but I must say this is beautiful!

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