I Came Back Broken


One morning I left, kissed you goodbye

in the sun to the humming of a lawn mower,

your coffee mug carried some motivating script.


I returned, same sunset, different Thursday

so often snagged on repeat in our heads

I took my boots off in the foyer,

I left them in the middle of the floor

you tripped dramatically as you

looked at them, looked at me,

I’d came back broken and you knew it.


But you didn’t

fold your hands in your lap

didn’t call your mother for advice,

leave the room when I entered,

whispered pleas,

what do I do

will she come back.


Instead you lifted me

beneath the arms,

placed my feet on top of yours,

I placed my cheek on your armor-chest

and we marveled and swayed

falling together in and out

of sun and moonlight.


I fell asleep, eventually

and you held your breath

you let me rest,

when I opened my eyes again

I tried to stand but

my heart was woven too deeply into yours.


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13 responses to “I Came Back Broken

  1. This was quite moving. I could see and feel it.

  2. Nicole, this was breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you x

  3. optimysticfantasy

    This was beautiful. I felt things. Familiar things.

  4. Oh my God. This was so beautiful. Haunting, but in a good way. Does that make sense?

  5. OMG…I’m crying. Holy hell, Nicole…this was crazy good. Your words reached in and yanked at my heart–in a good way 🙂

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  7. Very beautiful. I relate strongly to the last bit, about having your heart woven into someone else’s and not being able to stand because of it.

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