Take nothing for granted, she said.


Each morning you crawl out of bed;

I rise from the ashes and go sorting

out my bones just to begin the day.


You pour coffee and toss out

sleeping words you won’t remember;

I drop stones from my tongue and

pick them up when I’m finished.


I fold blankets perfectly from end to end

for the empty house to enjoy,

I straighten photographs

no one notices anymore,


I open and close blinds until

sunlight greets me at the perfect angle


but still


I can’t stop

these uneasy waves

in my chest.


Filed under poetry

7 responses to “Obsessions

  1. Nicole! Hello. It’s been a long time. How are you and your family?
    This is another snapshot poem that I love from you. You write them much better than I can. It was great to see you in my subscriptions today! I smiled. 😊

  2. I have missed your posts. This is lovely.

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